Business May 27, 2022


The mini LED experts review the first handheld screen with the new backlight technology.

Our team has been working with mini LEDs for more than eight years now. For the first time, our team held a product with the game-changing technology as the backlight in the display in their hands. Here is what the team had to say.

“The screen is immaculate.”

While watching a 4K HDR video on Youtube of New York City at night, the blacks in the screen were amazing. Our team compared the new mini LED screen to a traditional screen playing the same video. It was a dramatic difference in the detail. The blacks on the iPad were truly black. It was crazy to realize the “black” we have seen in our screens forever have really just been gray.

“The colors are dynamic.”

Black was not the only color that was beautiful.  The color accuracy on the new “Liquid Retina XDR Display” brought out new details not easily seen on an older screen. The impressive depth of color allows viewers to see beautiful, life-like images on a screen in their hands. The beautiful picture makes other screens look foggy. It is hard to transition back to a computer monitor after enjoying the iPad screen.

“Even the clouds have definition.”

Due to the individual LEDs in the screen, the clouds have new details we have never seen on a screen before. Our engineers marveled at the amount of innovation that had to go into creating a display like this. We appreciate the innovation required to implement mini LEDs. To select the right materials, invent the process of applying them, improve the process and manufacturing is a huge undertaking. It was amazing to see all of those parts together in our hands.

We work with these small die every day and have worked for years to actualize their potential. To hold a product that uses them to their full capacity is nothing short of amazing.