Simply brilliant.

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We believe in creating a better life for our team and the world. Rohinni combines vision, execution and micron scale electronics to make impossible products possible.



Making impossible possible.

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What are we doing?

Uniting the ability to apply electronic components smaller than the human eye can see and an extraordinary culture obsessed with simplicity, Rohinni is transforming products that change the world.


Combining a vision for groundbreaking design with technical leadership in microelectronics placement, only Rohinni enables massive adoption of unimaginable design possibilities.

With a rebellious focus, we are not only today’s industry leader, but also at the forefront of where the industry is going tomorrow with revolutionary products made real, cost-effective and scalable. We currently have 25 patents granted along with 90+ patents being processed.

Our culture, our team and our partners are the secret to creating a better life.


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