Business May 27, 2022


Practical steps our team made to improve our health.

In 2021, our team set out to encourage healthy habits. This initiative is constantly a work in progress, but here are two practices we started in the new year that have worked for our team so far!

1.      Step Challenge

After a few months of trial and error with “fitness challenges”, comparing steps is the easiest challenge that gets almost everyone involved. Every member of our team has a smartphone with the capability of tracking steps. Most of us do have a fitness tracker, also, which makes it super easy to start a step challenge. We have naturally been in more walking meetings, and seen teammates circling the building when they need a break.  We reward first and second place with a prize, but the biggest prize: bragging rights! Here are some of our challenges:

-          Highest average step count for one month

-          Every person to hit 10,000 steps/day for 20 days of the month gets a prize

-          Highest combined seven day step count

2.      Smoothie Bar

Not every company will choose to swing the expense of keeping a fresh smoothie bar stocked, but we find it an important source of energy and an easy way to get a snack or meal in without having to leave the office.

We have a reoccurring order from a local grocery store that is delivered every Monday morning. Some of the fruit needs to be cut and cleaned and placed in a refrigerated tray, but this does not take too much time, and can be a rotated job through the team. Some ingredients we have on hand:

-          Milk (almond, oat, etc)

-          Berries (frozen or fresh!)

-          Protein powders

-          Bananas

-          Avocados

-          Spinach

-          Ice

-          Honey

-          Peanut butter

We are always looking for creative, new ways to incorporate health into our workplace. We know that healthy employees are happy employees. If you have any ideas, leave us a comment below!