Together, we provide freedom for product designers to use light in keyboard backlights and logos

The Luumii joint venture allows us to meet the high volume demand for Rohinni technology in the computer keyboard and logo backlighting space. For Luumi’s parent company, KoJa, it gives them the new ability to provide another crucial piece of the keyboard system, strengthening their position as the leading keyboard membrane manufacturer. Luumii has since commercialized large form factor logo solutions, in addition to the keyboard backlight solution using miniLEDs.

Luumii’s solution allows each individual LED to be addressed in both keyboard and logo solutions for interactive light and cool branding designs.

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Together, we revolutionize automotive and mobility design and safety

Magna International is a world class automotive supplier with a focus on electrification and autonomy. Through our working partnership, Magna is positioned to provide vast new design possibilities to the automotive and mobility world.

Rohinni’s lighting solutions rival alternative technologies, including OLED, as the new partnership enables brighter, lighter and more energy-efficient solutions. Applications include taillights, appliques/badges, daytime running lamps and rear view mirrors. miniLED solutions provide the automotive and mobility industries with never before seen interactive and safety light features for the future of autonomous vehicles.

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Together, we have created a commercially viable solution for mini and micro LED displays.

The LCD industry is the largest market application for miniLED technologies. To bring miniLED technology to the display space, we formed a joint venture with BOE, the largest volume display manufacturer in the world. Tomorrow’s concept products are becoming a reality. Together, we have created a commercially viable solution for mini and micro LED displays. In addition, Rohinni lights have application in RGB lighting used in signage, architectural and large-size outdoor displays.

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