Our Story

Rohinni started in 2013 with a simple mission, to create a place people love to work and to make disruptive technology. Co-founders, Andy Huska and Cody Peterson, assembled a team and put them to work. The first project was to make thinner keyboard backlights.

Since then, our team has grown to thirty-five team members hand-picked to join a culture of rebels. Located in the lakeside town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the Rohinni team has diversified into the automotive, consumer electronic and display industries with the unique technology that allows for the fastest, most accurate and highest yield placement of micro LEDs.


Thanks to the vast experience of our team, we have partnered with the largest companies in their industries and enable many lighting applications with our technology. Our team has over 90 patents granted or in progress providing an advantage for our partners.

All together, we are leading the way for the next generation of light.