Business May 27, 2022


A new chapter for the Rohinni Team.

The two-story Rohinni office structure that had to move with us.

Last month we said goodbye to our beloved office we have called “home” for the last six years. Hidden away in a retail center in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the Rohinni team generated our biggest wins and breakthroughs, right next to a culinary store. We loved being a secret hub of innovation next door to the coffee shop.  Now we embark on the next chapter.

We are moving out of the shadows and into our own industrial space. Our new building has 3X the lab space and twice the office space.  We are excited to spread out and take the next steps in this new building. This new office has already allowed us to prepare for growth with a renewed vision for our company.

The move hasn’t been easy. Our iconic two-story desk structure had to be moved from the small retail office to Liberty Lake, WA. The physical bottleneck was the retail storefront through which our team had to move the entire steel structure.   Thankfully, we are an engineering company that doesn’t shy away from the seemingly impossible. We solved this problem like we solve our customers’ – with creativity and determination.  We removed the entire window bay to move the giant structure in large sections. Once those sections were safely in our new building, our team reconfigured the steel, wood, cables, and desks to give our new office the Rohinnian feel!

That was just one of the problems we have run into during our relocation. Moving 7,000 pound machines, long wait times for contractors, staying in budget with rising materials costs, and temporarily misplacing some important items in the shuffle distracted our team from our usual business and presented their own challenges.  Our team of problem solvers faced these obstacles head-on, and we’re up and running in Liberty Lake!

As mini and microLEDs continue to dramatically increase in demand and shape the future of displays and lighting, Rohinni will continue to solve the problems that don’t have an easy answer. We solve the problems that no one else will. We will continue to lead the way in precision placement solutions that enables the brightest future ahead!