Business May 27, 2022


An open letter to our future innovators

As you dream about your name on a patent that changes the world or inventing the next game-changing technology, we hope you consider a few things before joining a team of engineers.

In our industry, we need bright minds that are not afraid to break a few conventional rules and think outside of the box. The next wave of placement technology demands innovation like never before. From our engineers, here are a few things to practice before you join a team like ours:

Don’t Fear a Problem

You will be solving problems that we don’t even know exist yet. On our team, the expectation is to attempt to tackle problems without fearing the result. When facing a roadblock, our engineers look for solutions independently first before bringing it to the whole team. This environment is fast paced and demands creativity and problem solving at the individual level first before bringing a problem to the larger team. You do not need to know everything, but learning how to find information and potential solutions is critical.

Present Solutions

We do have a team of engineers for a reason. When it is time to ask for help and consult with your team, coming to the conversation with solutions you have tried or researched is a requirement. You have to take initiative to try to solve the problem and then present the possible solutions to the team as opposed to presenting a challenge empty handed. Asking for help is very necessary, after you have already attempted the challenge independently.

Document and Communicate

This world moves fast and there is a lot of information to track. Document what you do and communicate clearly to your team. It seems simple, but it is so important for the pace of our work.

Dream About Possibilities

As we continue to improve our technology, our team needs untamed creativity that can imagine products that do not exist. We need engineers that can think about the potential applications for thin, flexible light. We don’t need you to know how to get there just yet, but we need your creativity and imagination to identify where mini and micro LEDs could change everything.

Our technology keeps evolving and our engineering team does too. When we look to add new team members to our team, we do not need the experts, we need the curious, creative, determined and smart.

We hope to get to innovate with you soon.