Our Story

Rohinni started in 2013 with a simple mission, to create the world’s thinnest keyboard. After discovering that light was the thickest part of the stack up, the team’s attention turned to creating thinner light.

Rohinni was one of the earliest pioneers in transferring miniLEDs to create the world’s thinnest light.

Located in Liberty Lake, WA, the Rohinni team has grown to deliver technology solutions that enable the commercial use of miniLEDs in the automotive, consumer electronic and display industries. The team’s unique technology that allows for the fastest, most accurate and highest yield placement of miniLEDs.

In order to bring miniLED-based products to market, Rohinni has partnered with the largest companies in their respective industries and continues to lead the way in mini-precise placement technology.


Our Vision

We break technology barriers to make the world a brighter place!

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