Each time we have a significant advancement in our technology or a new solution we are providing, we will share it with you here.

  • Lumos®
    • High speed semiconductor placement robots
    • Rapidly stack and place micro LEDs and semiconductors
    • Allows for placement directly onto product
  • PiXey®
    • First commercialized use of Micro LEDs 
    • Outperform OLED and LED in many situations
    • Unique capabilities
      • Animation 
      • Submersible 
      • Flexible 
      • Micro Zones for dimming control

In many instances PiXey® is being used by product designers to replace legacy forms of lighting while other designers are using it to integrate light in or on products in ways never before possible. Below you will see how using PiXey® for a computer keyboard backlight has completely reset the expectations and left the competition in the dust; thinner, less volume and less battery usage. 


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44 patents in process or granted

We are highly competitive about protecting the effort we put into our breakthroughs. This provides advantages for those who partner with us as we change the world.





Our technology can be implemented into almost any industry.

It even surprises us at times how many ways the world wants to utilize our technologies.

We have prototyped products that are used underwater, in fabric, for television display lighting, architectural lighting, mobile devices, automotive and more. Connect with us and share how you would like to integrate our technology into your high volume products.